Yearbook Information

Yearbook Information
COVID-19 has affected us in a variety of ways, so the book will differ from previous years. However, our staff is diligently improvising solutions to cover topics that were negatively impacted by the virus. Working from home, without access to their lab, equipment, and the student body is challenging, but our staff is confident this book will properly memorialize a very unique year.
Because of our unique situation we would very much like some community help gathering photos this year. Thank you!
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Typically over 300 pages, our book is massive and filled with tons of exclusive, never-before-seen photos!
Deadline is June 17, 2020
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We reserve several pages for Student Ads (Dedications) to celebrate your student. Various sizes and prices are available.
Deadline is May 31, 2020

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General Information
About Our Book Missing Book? Higgins Photography
Our Yearbook is designed by students in the Yearbook class, but is printed by a Print-On-Demand company named TreeRing.
Our book covers the entire year and is sent to press in July. The books are then printed for all customers who pre-ordered throughout the year. In August they are shipped directly to your home address. 
Check your email for a confirmation number from TreeRing.  Email or call TreeRing with the confirmation information.
Higgins Photography handles all of our portraits for the Yearbook.
The portraits for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders are taken during registration before school starts. A few makeup days are available.
Senior portraits are booked with Higgins and you set up a time that works best for you.
Seniors who missed their portrait days should contact Higgins about making it up to be included in the Yearbook.
  • 281-998-9905
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