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Yearbook Information

Yearbook Information
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TreeRing Higgins Photography Senior Ads (Dedications)
The book is usually around 320 pages and costs $60. During the month of September you can get it for a discounted rate.
Locating a Missing Book
Check your email for for a confirmation number from TreeRing. With that number email or call TreeRing.
Previous years are also available from TreeRing. So, when you order be careful to select the correct year that you would like.
Our Yearbook is designed by students in the Yearbook class, but it is printed by a Print-On-Demand company named TreeRing.
Our book covers the entire year and is sent to press in July after the school year has finished. The books are then printed for all purchasers who bought throughout the year and shipped directly to their home address. They should arrive in August as the next school year is starting.
Higgins Photography handles all of our portraits for the Yearbook.
The portraits for 9th, 10th, and 11th graders are taken during registration before school starts. A few makeup days are available, but be on the look out for those.
Senior portraits are booked with Higgins and you set up a time that works best for you.
If you missed your portrait days contact Higgins about potentially making it up so that you can be included in the Yearbook.
  • 281-998-9905
We reserve between 10-15 pages for Senior Ads and Dedications at the end of the book. There are various sizes and prices for these.
Our staff takes your photos and writing and complete the graphic design based on a template of your choosing.
The deadline is at the end of March each year (So that we have time to complete them), however I wouldn't wait that long to order one because they are first come first serve and there may be no remaining spots.
To order a Senior Ad fill out the form from the link below and return it the location mentioned in the packet.