Frequently Asked Questions

The price is currently $72.75.


Why is it so expensive?

This is no junior high book we're talking about. Our book is HUGE!

It's a beautiful hardcover that measures 9x12 inches. Our target page count every year is 322 pages.

In addition, switching to TreeRing has reduced the price considerably. With our previous publisher we were near $100 per book each year.

Starting in 2023, we are planning a yearbook singing and distribution party. All books should be delivered to the school, and they will be distributed there during the month of June.


Purchases after the school year are shipped directly to you from our publisher, TreeRing. If it never arrived, please call or email them with the confirmation number.

Phone: 877-755-8733, or email them here.

Can I get a refund?

You should discuss this with TreeRing.

Higgins Photography sets up at registration each August. When students register for class in person they will take their portrait.

What if I missed picture day?

Higgins Photography offers retake dates on campus once the school year has begun. Normally these dates are in September. Students can show up for these.

What if I want to retake my photo?

You are welcome to have your photo taken again at any of the make up dates, or come by room 2342 to discuss the yearbook staff potentially retaking your photo.

No. All of our sales are done 100% online.

Our publisher ships the books to each customer for us and we do not have an inventory of books on campus to sell to people.

Senior Ads are purchased through our publisher's website when you order a book online.



Can I order an ad directly from you instead?

No. Our ads are organized and managed by TreeRing .

Having all of our ads in one location allows us to keep track of all of them better. We want to assure that none are overlooked or missed.

At the beginning of each school year, Higgins Photography sets several dates for seniors to go to their studio for their portrait to be taken.

You can see their information here.

Yes! Because TreeRing is a print-on-demand company you can order a book from any of the years since we started using them (2015-2016)

When you login to their site, just scroll down further to see the previous years. You can add one to your cart just a like a normal order.

Publications Adviser