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Phone:  Ext. 71245
Room: 1245
Conference: 1st and 5th 
Lunch: C
Period Start End Subject
Flex Period 7:20 AM 8:35 AM  Spanish II
1st Period 8:40 AM 9:28 AM  Conference 
2nd Period 9:34 AM 10:22 AM  Spanish IV AP
3rd Period 10:28 AM 11:18 AM  Spanish IV AP
4th Period 11:18 AM 1:18 PM  Spanish III PAP
5th Period 1:24 PM 2:12 PM  Department Chair Conference 
6th Period 2:18 PM 3:06 PM  Spanish III PAP
7th Period 3:07 PM 4:00 PM  Flex off period
Please refer to the Bell Schedule web page for the Advisory Schedule, Extended Advisory Schedule and Early Dismissal Schedule.