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Apply Texas and Common App

Apply Texas application should be used if you are only applying to TEXAS schools.
Before you use the app, make sure you know the following information:
  • basic information (address, birthday, etc.)
  • Use a personal email if you have access to it
Biographical information
  • a majority of this will already been listed based on your profile answers
Educational background
  • High school
  • Dual credit ("find college")
Educational information
  • Pre-professional program (pre-law, medicine, nursing, etc.)
  • Teacher certification
Test Scores
  • only need to know the month and year you took the test
Residency information
  • Tax information - do you file your own taxes (independent) OR do your parents claim you on their taxes (dependent)
Extracurricular and volunteer activities
Employment information
Custom qualifications for this institution
The Common Application can be used to apply for any college.
This app has 7 sections to complete:
  • name, address, birthday, etc.
  • this will ask you about your parents' education (you may want to ask before you start)
  • it will ask about academic honors (only 5); your future plans can be changed according to the college
  • you can choose to self-report or not (look what the college requires)
  • only 10 spots so choose wisely
  • person essay (7 prompts/choose one and 650 words max)
  • optional COVID-19 essay (250 words max)
  • transfer courses and grades from your transcript to the app
This is a helpful video: