Dual Credit Checklist

REGISTRATION: Students register for the entire school year during the Spring semester of the previous school year. Dual Credit registration is from November through March.
All students (current and new dual credit students) must complete a new Enrollment Form/HS Contract.** 

Dual Credit is a form of concurrent enrollment that allows a student to take certain courses at San Jacinto College that earn BOTH college and high school credit.

Early Admission is a form of concurrent enrollment that allows a student to take courses for college credit only.  Students pay 100% of tuition and fees.

To be accepted for enrollment in college-level courses, you must have appropriate academic qualifications, a high level of motivation, and adequate time to devote to studying.  In order to enroll in the Dual Credit/Early Admission Program, you must:

  • Be a High School Student. Public, private, or home school students can qualify.
  • Have permission from your high school counselor or designee.
 Available Courses: 
Grade  High School Course  HS Cr College Course
12th English IV-A & B 1.0 ENGL 1301/1302 
12th Government 0.5 GOVT 2301 
12th Economics 0.5 ECON 2301 
11th  US History-A & B 1.0 HIST 1301/1302
9th-12th  Business Info Mgmt 1.0 BCIS 1305*
9th-12th  Humanities 0.5 HUMA 1301
9th-12th  Psychology 0.5 PSYC 2301
9th-12th  Sociology 0.5 SOCI 1301
9th-12th  Speech 0.5 SPCH 1315 
Grade  High School Course    College Course
11th-12th Comp Maintenance 1.0 ITSC 1305/1309*
12th Inter Network Tech 1   1.0 ITSC 1307 
12th Inter Network Tech 2   1.0 ITSC 1325
11th-12th Math for Tech Prof. 1.0 TECM 1301
11th-12th Intro Process Tech  1.0 PTAC 1302 or PTRT 1301
11th-12th Intro to Instrumentation 1.0 PTAC 1332
11th-12th PetroChem Safety 1.0 PTAC 1408
11th-12th Intro Transportation   0.5 AUMT 1201
11th-12th Prac Transportation 1A  1.0 AUMT 1407 
11th-12th Prac Transp. 1B  - Avg 1.0 AUMT 2421/1410
12th Ext Prac Transportation II 3.0 AUMT 1416/1345

The TSI assessment is the instrument used by all Texas public institutions of higher education for assessing a student’s readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework.  It measures a student’s competencies in reading, writing, and mathematics.

 Any 9th – 12th grade student may satisfy TSI requirements with one of the below listed TSI Exemptions, or with a High School TSI Waiver.  Students can use a combination of exemptions/waivers.  Partial exemptions/waivers are also possible.  Students who do not have qualifying exemptions/waivers must take the TSI assessment prior to enrollment in any academic course requiring college readiness in reading, writing, or mathematics.

*Skill levels required for Career and Technical courses vary.  Please contact Ms. Yates at DPHS for details. She can be reached at 832-668-7263 and [email protected]

  Dual Credit Readiness Standards

TSIA-2 945+ AND Essay 5-8  or                                                 910-944 AND Diagnostic level 5 AND Essay 5-8
950        or                                                   
910-949 AND Diagnostic level 6
TSI Exemption  
SAT  480 530
ACT  Composite =23, English = 19 Composite =23,  Math = 19
HS TSI Waiver - can only be used while enrolled in high school
PSAT 460 510
STAAR STAAR ENGL 2 = 4000  STAAR ALG 1 = 4000 AND completion of Algebra 2


If you have any questions or concerns about Dual Credit please email [email protected] 

San Jacinto College
Central Dual Credit Office
8060 Spencer Highway
Suite C3-257
Pasadena, TX 77505
281-478-3628 (P)
281-478-3624 (F)
[email protected]

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