Dual Credit TSI Testing

COVID-19 TSI testing updates: last updated May 6, 2020
San Jacinto College has outlined new placement measures to prove College Readiness as listed below. If you are interested in utilizing these measures in lieu of taking the TSIA for enrollment in dual credit please email Mrs. Carter at [email protected]
COVID College Ready Placement Measures for Summer and Fall



All students who want to enroll in Dual Credit must now retest at San Jacinto College - Central Campus. 1st-time test takers only can test at the high school on the dates listed below.

Dual Credit TSI Testing Info

Any 9-10th grade student who is a FIRST TIME TESTER who is interested in taking the TSI to enroll in dual credit classes can test at DPHS - South Campus. Testing will be offered on the following dates: 

ALL TSI RETESTERS must test at San Jacinto College. 


Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment

The TSI assessment is the instrument used by all Texas public institutions of higher education for assessing a student’s readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework.  It measures a student’s competencies in reading, writing, and mathematics.


TSI Minimum Score Requirements




945 on the ELAR multiple-choice test and 5 or higher on the Essay


>945 on the ELAR multiple-choice test, or higher score on the ELAR Diagnostic test, AND a 5 or higher on the Essay

5 or higher

950 on the Math multiple-choice test




>945 on the MATH multiple-choice test, 6 or higher score on the MATH Diagnostic test



Any 9th – 12th grade student may satisfy TSI requirements with one of the below listed TSI Exemptions, or with a High School TSI Waiver.  Students can use a combination of exemptions/waivers.  Partial exemptions/waivers are also possible.  Students who do not have qualifying exemptions/waivers must take the TSI assessment prior to enrollment in any academic course requiring college readiness in reading, writing, or mathematics.


*Skill levels required for Career and Technical courses vary.  Please contact Ms. Weaver at DPHS for details. 

She can be reached at 832-668-7263 and [email protected]


TSI Exemption Scores (minimum scores listed):


Combined/Composite Requirement

Exempts TSI Reading & Writing

Exempts TSI Math

SAT - After March 2016


Evidence-Based Reading & Writing: 480

Math: 530

SAT - Before March 2016


Critical Reading: 500

Math: 500


Composite: 23

English: 19

Math: 19


High School TSI Waiver Scores (minimum scores listed):


Combined/Composite Requirement

Waives TSI Reading & Writing

Waives TSI Math

PSAT - After Oct 2015


EBRW: 460

Math: 510



English: 19

Math: 19

ACT- Aspire


English: 435

MATH: 431



English II: 4000

Algebra I: 4000 and a final grade of 70+ in Algebra 2 course


Need help preparing for the TSIA? The Student Success Center at San Jac offers FREE TSIA prep sessions. The Student Success Center on Central campus is located on the first floor of the Lee Davis Library. Contact them at 281-478-2779 for details. Visit the San Jac Testing Center at
www.sanjac.edu/applying-register/overview/testing for additional resources.


Students can sign up to take the TSI at DPHS South Campus in the counseling office.

  • Students must have a "G" number and a copy of their Pre-Assessment Activity before they will be allowed to sign up for testing. 
    • To obtain a "G" number you must complete an application for admission to San Jacinto College via applytexas.org. Within 72 hours of completing the application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your student account. Once you've claimed your account you will receive your "G" number. 
  • Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) at https://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/san-jacinto-community-college-all-campuses and print the confirmation page.
  • Bring your PAA confirmation page to the Counseling Office at DPHS to sign up for a date to take the TSI.


Students testing at San Jacinto College will need to visit the Testing Center on the college campus to test.

  • Students must have a "G" number and a copy of their Pre-Assessment Activity before they will be allowed to sign up for testing. 


Testing for dual credit must be complete by March 29th, along with the other steps in the dual credit process. You can view more information about the dual credit process by clicking here

TSI Test Practice
San Jacinto College
Central Dual Credit Office
8060 Spencer Highway
Suite C3-257
Pasadena, TX 77505
281-478-3628 (P)
281-478-3624 (F)
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