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Dual Credit Meningitis

COVID -19 Meningitis updates:  last updated September 17, 2020

If students have access to a valid bacterial meningitis immunization record, they should submit that if at all possible for summer and fall registration purposes.  Students that do not have access to their immunization records or the ability to physically get the bacterial meningitis vaccination have some other options available to them.


2020-2021 School year:

Since courses have moved online, students can declare a “Temporary Waiver” on the fourth section of the Bacterial Meningitis Compliance Form attached based on enrollment in 100% online courses. There will be a hold placed on their record for this school year only. Students must submit a new form for each semester.   


Neither form requires a signature.  Students can type in their information and return via email.


Students can continue to present affidavits signed by licensed physicians stating that the vaccination would be injurious to the health of the student.


Students can continue to present conscientious exemption forms to decline the vaccination for reasons of conscience, including religious belief.


If students do not submit proof of bacterial meningitis immunization or waiver form, will not be enrolled in courses for the following semester.