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Welcome to Mr. Nebrida's Digital Domain!

To all who have purposefully reached this page and to those who have stumbled into here, my warmest greetings to you. I am a 6th year teacher, all in Deer Park, and a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio. In my spare time, I spend hours reading for the joy found in and expressed through the art of a well-written novel. Even nerdier, I too easily lose track of time writing fiction or poetry. What did you expect? I teach AP Language and Composition and DPAC (Deer Park Advance Curriculum) English II. 
Period Start End Subject
1st Period 8:40 AM 9:28 AM   Conference
2nd Period 9:34 AM 10:22 AM   AP English III
3rd Period 10:28 AM 11:18 AM   AP English III
4th Period (A Lunch) 11:18 AM 1:18 PM   AP English III 
5th Period 1:24 PM 2:12 PM   DPAC English II
6th Period 2:18 PM 3:06 PM   DPAC English II
7th Period 3:12 PM 4:00 PM   DPAC English II