Testing » PSAT/ASVAB Testing


On October 29th, students will either be testing at South Campus or working on asynchronous classwork in a remote location.  The attachment provides information about taking the PSAT or the ASVAB.  In order to plan for that day, your student may need to complete one of the following tasks in Deer Time by 10/14/20:


10th  (only remote learners) - complete the "quiz" in Deer Time if you want to register to take the PSAT on South Campus

 **Face to Face 10th have already been registered for the PSAT.

11th (if assigned) - complete the"quiz" in Deer Time to select PSAT(requires payment of $18), ASVAB, or remote learning

  **Approximately 380 juniors have been notified of a free PSAT and are already registered to test.  They were not assigned to complete the quiz.

12th - only seniors wanting to sign up for the ASVAB need to complete the Office 365 Form to register.  All other seniors will work remotely.