English Resources

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Research Databases Citation Tools
Blooms This is a comprehensive tool for researching literature and authors. NoodleTools NoodleTools helps create works cited pages, but it also guides users through the essay process.  Sign in with Office 365.  Need help?  Click here.
Gale Lit Sources Search across all of Gales literary resources at once with this tool. EasyBib
EasyBib is an easy works cited creator.  To access ad-free, click below to activate, then click the icon to the left to sign up. 
Lit Resource Center Find biographies, overviews, literary criticism, and reviews here.    
Scribner Access authoritative essays on authors and genres in this database.    
Twayne's Researching an author’s life or works?  Find critical introductions to the lives and works of major writers here.    
Litfinder Looking for a particular piece of literature?  Utilize full-text literary works, author profiles, and related works with this resource.    
Issues in America Research
General Resources:
Opposing ViewpointsPower Search
Child Abuse and Neglect:
Sexual Abuse:
Domestic Violence:
Unfit/Irresponsible Parenting:
Dysfunctional Families:
Generational Poverty:
Water Contamination:
Persuasive Appeals Unit
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