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Mr. John Law

Name: John chung-hang Law
Grade/Subject(s): 9-12/Orchestra
Room Number: 1153
Phone Number: 832-668-7228
Conference Times: 3:12 - 4:00 pm 
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It is my privilege to serve as head director of the Deer Park High School's orchestra program. I am passionate about all Fine Arts disciplines, may it be visual arts or performing arts. Our Chamber Varsity Orchestra pride itself to be the official "Battleship Orchestra". The orchestra program along with Deer Park community, continue to express love and support to our U.S Servicemen and Women through music.
When time permits, a game or two of tennis and ping-pong is what I enjoy. I accept all challengers when it comes to table tennis (ping-pong), and I Never Say No to Food!
To find out more about the Deer Park High School Orchestra Program, please click here.
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